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Sl No Type of Documents Numbers
1 Books 40530
2 Journals 10
3 Reference Materials 10,000
4 Thesis and Dissertations / Project Reports 2,500
5 Bound Volumes 500
6 Electronic Journals N - List
7 Compact Dist Read Only Memory - CD ROMs 149
8 Audio and Video Materials 05
9 Magazines 23
10 News Papers 13

Student Memberships
This type of membership is open to all the students who got their admission to B.Com., and B. B. M., course in our college.

Teacher membership
This type of membership is open to all the permanent and guest faculty of the college

Research scholar Membership
This type of membership is open to the research scholars who registered for Ph. D., in our Research Center.

Administrative Membership
The Library facilities are also made available to the administrative staff of the college. So that they can make use of general books and general magazines of the library.

KSOU student Membership
This type of membership is open to the students how have enrolled their names for B. A.,/ B. Com.,/ M. A., / M. Com./ M. B. A., through our KSOU study Center.

Management Membership
The members of the National Education Society may also avail the library facility.
Collections and Users
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